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Welcome to the Aseda Foundation

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The Aseda Foundation creates social, economic, and environmental sustainability through education, training, and support for communities worldwide.

We believe in supporting bee keeping industries, to strengthen communities into becoming self-reliant, and building healthy bee populations. The plight of the honeybee is a devastating situation that leaves no human untouched. Through education and sustainable bee keeping, we can rebuild the population of our much needed pollinators, while sustaining communities with an environmental and economically viable industry.

Currently our programs are assisting communities within Africa and the United States. Several of our projects support the Gonjas and Dajomba Tribes, who reside in 33 villages around the Molé National Forest, of Ghana, Africa. The Backyard Bees is our US outreach program, utilizing bee keeping practices and bringing them to the backyards of America.

Backyard Bees is financially self-sustaining, therefore, our main focus for 2012 and 2013 are the people in the area of the Molé National Forest.

Donations to the Aseda Foundation help sustain our various programs designed to create social, economic, and environmental sustainability through education, training, and support for communities worldwide.

Your contribution will directly support one of the following Aseda Foundation programs:

The Aseda Bee Keepers Co-operative Micro-loan Program

Our Micro-loan program serves as a cash flow tool for women bee keepers. The women are able to borrow from the fund, interest free, to purchase supplies such as seeds, food supplies and school supplies. It is important to have access to such a fund in order to prepare for the rainy season. The villages are cut off from civilization from rising waters during rainy seasons, which is typically the same time as honey harvest, therefore, the ability to carry through with their livelihood is inhibited. Once the waters recede and the honey is taken to market, the micro-loan is repaid and available for another candidate.

The Village Infrastructure Program

This program improves the basic living conditions of the villages. This program will bring water wells and compostable toilets to the three largest villages, as well as education on sanitary practices to all the villages. These simple infrastructure solutions will improve the quality of life while maintaining the tribes’ authentic culture.

The Bee Keeping Infrastructure Program

Our Bee Keeping Infrastructure Program supports the sustainable bee keeping industry that is already in place. Funds allocated to this program purchases harvesting equipment such as bee suites and tools, storage containers, and additional beehives. Currently the bee keeping industry in Molé supports six villages. The goal is to provide the opportunity for all 33 villages. By supporting and building a workable infrastructure, the industry becomes self-sufficient and sustainable, while filling a need, because no industry existed in this area before.

The Community Development Program

This program assists with the social needs of the villages of Molé. The Village Councils decides what is most needed in the community. The funds for this program may go to schooling, teachers, medical, education and training of other subjects that will assist the health of the community. By supporting women’s endeavors, the strength of the community shines through by becoming self-reliant.

Thank you for joining us on our mission. We welcome you to the Aseda Tribe.

Contact Us

Please contact the Aseda Foundation by email at info@asedafoundation.org or by phone at 801-231-5488.